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Thompson Upholstery Service - A Green Company

Automotive & RV Re-upholstery

Thompson Upholstery Service specializes in custom and antique vehicle restorations. We offer fast, detail-oriented service for classic, contemporary, domestic and import autos as well as boats & RV's.

Why Reupholster?

Thompson Upholstery Service

Is a Green Business

Recycle, Restyle... Reupholster!

Thompson Upholstery Service is proud to be a Green business, we have made a commitment to reuse, re-purpose, recycle, restyle and reupholster. We believe in preserving old furniture because it is strong and solidly made, and because we don't like to see it end up in landfills. "They just don't make it like they used to" is so true in the furniture business. Most new furniture is made of plywood, particle board and cardboard - yes cardboard. The average life span of a new piece of furniture can be as short as 3-5 years, whereas an old, solid piece of furniture that is reupholstered could last 20-30 years. It really does pay to reupholster. 

New fabric brings new life to old furniture.

When furniture gets old, it gets brought to the curbside where a sanitation worker hauls it to the landfill.

According to the EPA, over 3% of landfill waste is furniture. Making recycling furniture one of the best ways to prevent our landfills from overcrowding.

Furniture manufacturing also accounts for heavy electrical use. Factories run 24/7, producing millions of pieces of furniture. Toxic chemicals are often used to create synthetic upholstery such as formaldehyde and melamine. Wood is plentiful and cheap when it comes from the rainforests. Many furniture companies buy cheap foreign wood that is not sustainable. Mass producing furniture is inherently bad on all accounts and through all processes.

Reupholstering existing furniture

pieces prevents hundreds of

valuable assets from being sent to

the landfills.

The "Three R's" of Protecting

and Preserving the


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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