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Residential Upholstery Services

When it comes to residential furniture, a lot can happen. Stains, tears, and just normal aging can all have a huge impact on your pieces of upholstered furniture. But for many, running out and buying a new sofa isn't really in the cards. A good sofa or couch is a serious investment, and even when the upholstery starts to show some battle scars you still may not want to toss it and get a brand new one.

And realistically, you don't have to!

In most cases you can look at re-upholstery/upholstery solutions as a viable solution, saving you money and time. The process used for re-upholstery/upholstery is straightforward and somewhat simple to understand, but actually doing it and getting a good result takes skill and experience. Reupholstering involves removing the current covering and replacing it with brand new material. It's kind of like giving your furniture a facelift!

sofa bolster pillow reupholstery recovering upholstery

Cuts, frays, discolorations, and other problems can be eliminated completely and give you a piece of furniture that's brand new.

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