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Automotive & RV Re-upholstery
Thompson Upholstery Service specializes in custom and antique vehicle restorations. We offer fast, detail-oriented service for classic, contemporary, domestic and import autos as well as boats & RV's.
Car Vehicle interior reupholstery
  • Upholster your car, hot rod, RV, truck or van
  • Upholster and restore the entire interior of your RV
  • Save money while making your boat newer as well as more unique.
  • Upholster your motorcycle seat or bicycle seat to make it your own in more ways than one
  • Select from a variety of popular leather and vinyl upholstery as well as other upholstering materials to reupholster your vehicle or RV.

RV  interior reupholstery
We are known for our quality, reliability,
affordability, and on-time service.