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Commercial Services
Thompson Upholstery Services offers early morning Restaurant Recovery Programs that will minimize down-times and inconveniences resulting from needed upholstery repairs.

reupholstered restaurant booth It takes a lot to run a successful restaurant, and customers pay attention to the details! 
This requires that you ensure that your restaurant furniture looks its best. Nobody will be impressed if your furniture is worn, dirty, and damaged, and it will hurt your reputation.
It's great to give customers upholstered furniture to be comfortable on for cocktails or even a casual meal, but if they look like they were upholstered in the seventies then you're doing yourself and your business a great disservice.
By utilizing Thompson Upholstery Service Restaurant Recovery Program, you'll end up with furniture that looks brand new but for a fraction of the cost of brand new!

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                     Restaurant Recovery Program!

Thompson Upholstery Services also provides upholstery services for the following commercial industries:

  • Hospitality industry (hotel/motel/camp services)
  • Restaurants, lounges, clubs
  • Health care facilities (hospitals, clinics, private practices, veterinary)
  • Retail sector
  • Sports facilities, auditoriums

We are known for our quality, reliability,
affordability, and on-time service.