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Thompson Upholstery Service - A Green Company

Providing Quali​ty Upholstery Services

To North Georgia For More Than 35 Years


Upholstery Service

Offering competitive pricing and

guaranteed work by trained industry professionals!

Specializing in furniture repair, restoration and refinishing. All work is hand done by a professional staff, delivering work to meet your satisfaction.

Thompson Upholstery Service provides a full range of furniture upholstery needs to include:

Residential, Commercial, Vehicle and RV Interiors, Custom Furniture and offers a wide choice of designer fabrics suitable for upholstery applications.

Thompson Upholstery Service

Is a Green Business

Recycle, Restyle... Reupholster!

Thompson Upholstery Service is a Green business, we have made a commitment to reuse, re-purpose, recycle, restyle and reupholster. We believe in preserving old furniture because it is strong and solidly made, and because we don't like to see it end up in landfills. "They just don't make it like they used to" is so true in the furniture business. Most new furniture is made of plywood, particle board and cardboard - yes cardboard. The average life span of a new piece of furniture can be as short as 3-5 years, whereas an old, solid piece of furniture that is reupholstered could last 20-30 years. It really does pay to reupholster.

New fabric brings new life to old furniture.

Thompson Upholstery Services Offered:

  • Custom fabrics (match your homes decor)
  • Residential Furnishings, Recover, Repair, Design
  • Commercial Furnishings (Restaurant Seating, Hospitality Seating, Reception Seating & More) Recover, Repair, Design
  • Custom furniture building (chairs, ottomans, headboards, etc)
  • Vehicle & RV Interior Upholstery, Recover & Repair
  • Furniture restoration (antiques, wood, veneers, leather)
  • Furniture Repair (frames, springs, etc.)
  • Padding replacement (foam, down, springs)
  • Restyling (change hardware, legs, skirting, shape)
  • and More!

We are known for our quality, reliability,

affordability, and

on-time service.

Upholstery Terms To Learn 


Piping is the round decorative trim sewn onto the seam of furniture or cushions to conceal the edge of the fabric and nails, and to give it polish. It can be purchased ready-made in basic colors. But if you want it to match your fabric, an upholsterer must custom make it by sewing it around "welt cord."


Just like piping, double-piping conceals nails and the edges of fabric. The second layer of piping is simply decorative, but it must be made using "double welt cord."

Just like the pleats on a pair of pants, pleating is a double or multiple fold in fabric held by stitching the top or side of fabric, often used to add decorative trim to cushions or bed or chair skirts.

Arm Covers
Chair or sofa arm covers protect the armrests of your seating, prolonging its life. It's a good idea to have your upholsterer make these for high-traffic seats.

Nail-head Trim

Nail-head trim refers to a decorative embellishment that has the look of decorative metal tacks. The trim is used on the sides or edges of furniture upholstered in fabric or leather, including sofas, armchairs, and ottomans. It's achieved by hammering individual tacks into furniture or using a strip of trim with many tacks strung together.


The flat platform under an upholstered chair's seat cushion, usually covered in plain fabric. The deck should be firmly resilient, and you should not be able to feel the springs.

Fabric backing

The extra layer applied to certain fabrics, such as chenille, for upholstery applications. Without backing, they will stretch and sag. Look for fabrics marked "upholstery weight" or "all-purpose."


The fabric sewn between the inner foundation covering and the outer upholstery. It stabilizes lighter-weight upholstery fabrics and improves wear.


Tufting is a classic detail often seen on vintage furniture. It not only secures cushioning to the backs of seats and upholstery, it adds a decorative touch.

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